Retro Gaming Events 2013.

Wow, only a week into the new year and the ‘nerd calendar’ is filling up quite nicely with UK based retro gaming events this year. I’m hoping to attend them all throughout 2013 subject to a busy year at work and our redecorating plans at home. All work and no play eh? 🙂

Retro Computer Museum gaming weekend.

29th March – April 1st  @ Snibston. Starting off the new year with a bang, the Retro Computer Museum will return to Snibston Discovery Museum for another fun filled weekend of retro gaming goodness.

Revival 2013.

18th -19th May  – This one is going to be flippin awesome. A dedicated retro gaming event containing pinball, arcade machines, retro computers and consoles , homebrew, Q&As. Basically all the good bits from Replay without all that modern gaming milarky 🙂 RCM will be supplying a lot of the consoles and computers for this one so a busy weekend it’s be. Hopefully, will have chance to hit the pinball tables again.


TBC Retro Derby GNG.


Last years event was great fun and a real enthusiasts vibe going on. Got to play on some great homebrew games as well as  new/old tech toys. Hopefully the Commodore Super-CPU will return!

See previous blog post – ( )


Silicon Dreams.

5th – 7th July – After many requests, the guys behind the awesome-ness Vintage Computer Festival at Bletchley park are back for another event this year. All is still in the planning stage but RCM will be helping out and supplying some of the equipment. Sadly, the venue moves from Bletchley to Snibston Discovery Museum which is a shame as Bletchley is the perfect place for a computer event. Never mind though, still one I’m looking forward to as details emerge.

See previous blog post – (

SuperByte Festival.

13th – 14th September – Another event I’m looking forward too and one that’s being held in the coolest retro gaming pub in the UK – The Lass O Gowrie. Retro Gaming, chip tunes, great food and my fellow RCM’er will be along to join in the fun. As a fan, I’m particular looking forward to hearing Sabre Pulse play –


I’m still awaiting dates but RCM will also be hosting a couple of members events this year as well as the possibility of running a dedicated Commodore, Sinclair and Atari event(s).

Likewise, the computer club  and homebrew gaming weekends continue at the Lass ‘O Dowrie so check out Mikes facebook feed for details –


Game on 2013!







2 responses to “Retro Gaming Events 2013.

  1. Thanks for that, sounds like it should be a cracking weekend. A few of my friends went to the first event too and really loved it.

    Not sure I can make it myself but you never know, them pinball tables are calling to me 🙂

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