Flash Gaming: Infectonator – World Domination

Gruesome fun this time around with another Flash based game I’ve been playing just lately.

Be the bad guy, unleash a deadly virus that turns it’s victims into a plague of zombies in your quest for world domination mwah ha ha –  (secret base and white cat are optional).

Starting off with limited funds to increase your virus potency, unleash it on to smaller villages and towns to help fund your new hobby. Each kill rewards cash and as your virus grows, you can attempt to take on the big cities.

After selecting a destination, unleash the virus with a simple mouse click and stand back and watch your monster go to work. Move the mouse cursor around to collect the rewards. (The game starts off with a handy tutorial level so you can get the hang of it but all is pretty simple really).



Spend small amounts of money on research to increase zombie speed, infection rate, resistance to gun tottin army folk or plump for bigger investments that will help spread the virus more quickly. Alternatively, how about a handful of grenades to knock out government security forces? Later on and with enough money you can even unleash different type of zombie. Woooo!



My baby has grown and ready to be released on Cape Town (sorry Cape Town, no offence!)

Run for your retro 8-Bit style lives, you can’t escape –  mwah ha ha HAAAAA!


The gruesome news is recorded by the media.


Africa falls, South America here we come.


If you’ve got a few minutes, unleash your darker side and play Infectonator:World Domination.



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