Classic Star Wars is back (Dark Horse comics).

Well, it never really went away really but it’s been some time since I’ve read any that are set during that wonderful period between A New Hope and Empire Strike Back. Don’t get me wrong, I do like all those clone war stories or indeed the continual adventures such as the Dark Empire and Thrawn trilogy adaptations but give me classic SW anyway – especially those that nods back to the classic Marvel strips that I used to read during the height of the original three movies.

Star Wars 1

Just look at that gorgeous cover from Alex Ross (here’s hoping we get some Dave Dorman artwork too).


It’s been some years that I’ve visited an actual comic store. My favourite was called Page 45, and a quick search shows it’s still there and seems to be just as popular as it was back then. Mental note to go visit again soon.

Until then, invoking modern technology I thought I’d try out Dark Horse comics free comic app on my iPad and purchase a digital copy of Star Wars #1

A real simple app to use which lets you browse through a huge library of Dark Horse comics and TPB books from those recently released and quite a bit from their archives too.Woo, wonder if Terminal City and Preacher series are here?


Any-ho, back to SW.



Although the first Death Star is now gone, the rebellion sends out scouts to hunt for replacement bases now that Yarvin has been discovered. Luke, Leia and Wedge are on one such routine scouting mission which holds a nasty surprise for them.

They never had panel colouring like this back in my day, two or three colours per frame if you were lucky 🙂


Maybe not just a random encounter, but a trap….a tip off? a spy?

Forget the senator robes and tie-fighter hair-do, Leia is ready for active x-wing duty.


This first issue has been a really enjoyable read essentially on my iPad. I probably won’t go as far as preferring this to a physical copy but they sure do take up less room.

I’m off to browse and preview some more of the Dark Horse archive. I suspect that this is going to be an expensive evening 🙂


2 responses to “Classic Star Wars is back (Dark Horse comics).

  1. Great post mate, thanks for the head up. I’ll be off right now to purchase a few of those, The Empire Strikes Back for sure.
    I still have 2 or 3 boxes, in the loft, of the original 1977+ releases along with a couple of hundred 2000AD’s – a bloody good read 🙂

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