Frosty morn

Brrr, it’s a frosty one this morning and after a week of tech and server rooms, time to head out for a change of scenery and enjoy the crisp cold air.

Camera at the ready, a flask full of hot coffee and a great excuse to try out some of my new winter walking gear, I headed on up.

007 (Custom)


Loving what the cold air and bracing winds has done to the plateau grass.

004 (Custom)

Resting up with a cuppa and enjoying the views. The icy winds was so fierce up here I was struggling to keep my camera steady!

016 (Custom)

Couldn’t help but think that it’s all a bit Middle-Earth-esq up here this morning –  Probably helped by the fact that I ‘m walking and listening to The Lord of the Rings audio book  on my iPhone. Eek, better duck, spies of Sauron…no wait…just a few grouse 🙂

008 (Custom)

028 (Custom)

026 (Custom)

Changing audio, Eddie Vedders ‘Into the wild’ album was the perfect soundtrack as I walked on.

023 (Custom)

031 (Custom)

Ice blasted rock.


One more cuppa before heading back down. Yep, them gloves are bit girlie but fleece lined and toastie warm.


oh, go on then, another cuppa, so peaceful up here.


A great start to another year of trail walking. Oh and JT, just to add in a bit of retro to this post, was listening to some C64 remix tunes on the way down 🙂


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