Diablo – Commodore 16 /Plus 4.

Nope, not a retro 8-bit remake of the popular PC based hack n adventure game – Diablo on the Commodore 16 is some sort of shooter and although basic it is, it’s not actually too bad.

Diablo tape label after messing around creating my own boxes in Photoshop. Need more practise though!



Diablo appears to have the livery of an in-house Commodore game. I wonder if this was one of the pack in games for Commodore 16 computers as I don’t recall it being on the Plus/4 pack in roster?

Any-ho, the game title screen sets the story – this is a word for word copy!

‘On a planet deep in the space robots have taken the power and will now start to eliminate the humans. You have to destroy the robots who let the humans free when they are hit. Save the humans before another robot explodes. You die when your base is hit. This mission is not easy. Keep that in mind….’

O…kay, I’m still non the wiser therefore I’ve had to figure it out myself. That yellow thing at the bottom centre of the screen (the thing that looks like a chess piece), that’s you and it’s you’re job to save your base (the thing that looks like a space invader hiding in the bottom right of the screen) from the Robotic hoard that start at the top of the screen and travel left/right and down towards the bottom. I have no idea what the round thing (top left-ish) with the ‘X’ in the centre is but it bounces up and down, left to right and kills you if you touch it. I’m guessing some kind of robotic frisbee, probably evil too 😉


Once you shoot a robot, it will stay still for a few seconds and so, dodging all other things on screen, fly up and over it to collect the rescued human body that was contained within. Leave it alone for more than a few seconds and it’ll explode killing you instantly.

Diablo sort of plays like Centipede and also reminds me of Carnival and Gridrunner and is kinda fun for a while once you get the hang of it especially in later levels when there’s so many robots to shoot and duck around.

It’s not going to be a game that you’ll be playing for very long but certainly fun to check out.

My current high score is 30,080.



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