The Lost Vikings – Commodore Amiga

Out of nostalgia at this particular time of year, I lean towards firing up two particular Amiga games that both myself and mate used to play around New Years day(s) all those years ago. His parents would host these huge New Years Eve parties and I would visit and stop over for the evening as the fun usually didn’t finish until the early hours of the next day. To help chase away the hangovers, New Years day was all about chillin, eating party food and of copious amount of gaming on my mates Commodore Amiga.

Of the many games we used to play, Lost Vikings (and a another that’ll post about next) were two games we loaded each year and have become almost there own New Years day tradition.


The Lost Vikings is standard platform/action type game for which there are many on the Amiga. However, this particular games has a novel twist – rather than having just one main character to control, you control three Vikings (one at a time) who each possessing a unique skill set. By combining these skill sets you need to overcome puzzles, deadly traps and defeat a variety of nasties and finally reach the exit. It’s slower pace it most welcome post party session!

The story goes that three Viking have been abducted by  something probably evil who plans to place them and other specimens into some sort of intergalactic zoo. You manage to escape and must find your way home through teamwork……or be lost forever..ever..ever.

Introducing our heroes –

Eric The Swift


He can run like the wind and is able to leap over great pixel distances. He can also use his thick head to smash through walls or enemies….lots of fun!

Baleog the Fierce


A mighty warrior and one heckava chin. Left alone he’ll  spend all day flexi his muscles but once on the move he can slice and dice with his sword or shoot enemy or faraway objects with his bow and arrows.

Olaf the Stout


You can tell that he likes his pork pies. He might be a bit on the slow side but that heavy shield he carries around can block all manner of incoming fire and shield anyone behind him.  He can also  carry it aloft to provide an extra  step up for Eric or  used as a glider to gently float down to platforms below. How…i have know idea…must be a magical shield..Wooooo!

The Lost Vikings is such a great fun game to play, looks fantastic and has some really nice comedic moments that’ll have you laughing at some of the on screen dialogue.  Things start off very easy at first allowing you to get used to each Viking and there respective skills  and then you’ll gradually learn to combine them to solve puzzle by puzzle.  Later on, these levels are brilliantly put together and have you head scratching on more that one occasion.

Complete each level and you’ll receive a handy password code allowing you to restart from that level again  rather than having to start from the very beginning again.

You’ll also note that each viking has an inventory space to store various items such as food and keys. You can also swap items around between each viking to help out in certain situations or to provide a spot of lunch and a jolly nice energy boost.


Vikings vs Egyptians.


vs. robots


I’m yet to finish this game, but as  my Amiga 1200 is out at the moment, you never know, 20 years later, I might just get around to doing it this year! I also read with interest that Lost Vikings was ported to the Nintendo GBA – Lost Vikings on the go, am liking the sound of that!


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