Brutal Sports Football – Commodore Amiga

The second game we used to play on those New Years day gaming sessions was Brutal Sports Football, a game which, to be quite honest, isn’t actually very good. However, when you’re looking for a a2-up sports game and fancy something a little bit different from Sensible Soccer, we thought we have a go on  this particular game that I’d brought up with me, after all it had been sitting on my game shelve untouched for a few months.

Brutal Sports Football.

It’s a side scrolling football game of sorts where the object like most footy games is to score goals to win. Brutal Sports Football differs somewhat to most football games as the players based on fictional characters from fantasy realms including barbarians,  lizardmen and other such creatures…but mostly human…who all seem to have white hair?. The ref appears to be a some sort of Minotaur and not to be argued with and there’s  also a number of weapons laying about the pitch which can be used for defensive or offence use..of just plain fun.

We were hoping for some sort computerised version of Blood Bowl i.e the fantasy board game from Games Workshop that was popular in the late 80’s…wonder if you can still get it ? but was sadly disappointed when we first played it.


Shame really as graphically it looks pretty o.k although played on my mates Amiga A600 it all seemed a bit too much green and grey drab. Looking back at it again this afternoon on the A1200 with the colourful AGA chipset it looks much better.


Then we discovered the weapons…..then we discovered what we could do with the the weapon…and you can gain points too 🙂

Off with his head!


Well, that was much better and the next hour or so we forgot about the ball and concentrated on hacking each other to bits until heads were rolling all over the place. Highest fatalities wins 🙂

This was so much fun and we all found it absolutely hilarious that Brutal Sports Football returned to the playlist for many years afterwards and was always loaded on New Years day. I don’t see my old friend too often these days but we  keep in touch and each New Years day, we still swap Brutal Sports Football screenshots (with Photoshoppped goodies) via phone  message.

It’s funny how even a crap games can be fun given the right circumstances….except Double Dragon the on the C64….don’t get me started on that one again 😉


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