Arcadie replacement

If you’re frustrated by the lack of Mame port for the iPhone Arcadie, check out the iCade Jr which is currently on sale for just $9.99 at ThinkGeek. If its anything like its bigger brother then it’ll be a great bit of kit and the Jnr gives you twice the number of buttons compared to the Arcadie and uses the entire iPhone/iPod screen including portrait and landscape modes.

Very tempting at this price considering that they’re usually $49.99.


Although designed for iPhone 4/iPod, it does state it’ll work with the iPhone 5, just not with the lid closed.

Hey, you could you use the controls mechanism and rebuild your own case….woo, now that gives me an idea 😉


6 responses to “Arcadie replacement

  1. Hey, I actually tried building a new case for my iCade Jr. (since I wasn’t using it at all with the iPhone, I just found it too unwieldy) and I basically built it into an iCade core. It pairs to the iPad, and plays just like a full size iCade. one issue, however, is it doesn’t pair with any computers the way the iCade will, so no use for non-ipad gaming

  2. Hi there, I also had ideas about building custom arcade cases for my iPad using my unused iCade Jr too but was having problems even getting it to sync with my iPad. Maybe I’ll give it another go as I seemed to recall I also had issues with a Bluetooth keyboard at the time which has now rectified itself.

    I was thinking about building a pinball case for my iPad and use the Jr controls for flipper buttons etc, especially now that the Pinball Arcade app supports iCade controls.

    Regarding connection to PC, I don’t think it’ll ever work as each control appears to use two keystrokes. I suppose some talented coder could write a driver though?

    Nice to hear from you.


  3. Yeah, I thought the two keystroke thing would be an issue too, but I found software called ControllerMate which I used to re-interpret those double keystrokes and actually make a usable controller out of the iCade when used with my Mac. It works great with the full-sized iCade, but the jr just won’t pair with the computer the way the full size one will. Frustrating. I’d love to show you the case I built if you’re interested. Also, I was able to get the jr. to pair with the iPad, it didn’t seem to be an issue.

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