SuperCPU expansion comes to Commodore 64 emulation.



Exciting times indeed in the land of Commodore C64/C128  as you can now download a version of VICE which contains experimental SuperCPU emulation  No more shelling out ££££ for a SuperCPU Expansion board (although having one would be rather nice), you can now emulate it and test drive all those funky demos and games….including <big WOOT WOOT> Metal Dust!

Ever since seeing one of these awesome bits of kit in action a few months ago (see previous blog post – ) – I’ve been wondering if this would ever be emulated.

The forum post at Lemon64 links to the various files you’ll need and is pretty self explanatory if you’ve used Vice before.

Just an extra note because it got me scratching my head for a while in puzzlement –  if you intend to run Metal Dust with 1581 floppy drive emulation and the associated 1581 Jiffy DOS ROM and save this as a default config, then don’t forget to change it back again to standard 1541 drive emulation (plus associated 1541 Jiffy DOS ROM) if you intend to play other SuperCPU expanded games/demos.


Hehe, I still can’t believe I’ve got this running –  Awesome-Ness!




Still shots just don’t portray how cool this game both looks and sounds –  You really need to see it in action. Can you imagine, if this was demoed back in the 80’s :-O




If you head on over to the SuperCPU site, you’ll also find  a large collection of tech demos written to take advantage of the SuperCPU hardware as well as a number of patched games that benefit from a huge leap in CPU power.

It’s worth checking out Stunt Car Racer, Star Wars and Harddrivin’ just to  see what an extra bit of grunt can do…even if they do run way TO fast and are unplayable 😉

Games like Leaderboard put the new hardware to good use as the slow scenes that usually render before each putt are now done so in the blink of an eye.



SuperCPU demo

Not to shabby, not much happening here but great to see how much stuff is flung around the screen accompanied by a rather niffty rock anthem.



By far the best game I’ve played whilst testing this out has to be Accolade’s Test Drive. Remember how it used to chug alone at about 2-3 frames per second. Well….they should rename this game to Need for Speed C64 🙂

Yep, still got that Carmegeddon thing going 🙂



Here’s two videos showing the original and SuperCPU enhanced.




Another great project to keep an eye on.



2 responses to “SuperCPU expansion comes to Commodore 64 emulation.

  1. Hey Shaun, yeah I think it was your FB feed that I saw running this. Impressive stuff indeed, although I bet its even more impressive on the real thing – I look forwarding to sampling your super-pimped c128d again soon. Incidentally, as well as waiting for one to pop up on eBay, would you happen to know where I could get a C128 psu from?

    Kind regards


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