Road Carnage.

Driving around this morning in the snow you had to have your wits about you as there’s some damn crazy drivers out there. If that wasn’t bad enough pedestrians seem to be jaywalking in abundance without any thought to their own safety and only attempting to flee at the last moment. Their screams ending abruptly as they hit my bumper and explode into wet chunks of red…..Yeah!

No I’m not some crazy psycho driver, twisted by years of exposure to pixel violence brought up on Mortal Kombat, Doom and Grand Theft Auto despite warnings that these titles would bring about the end of civilization.


-side note, what they should have warned us gamers about was the horror of E.T on the Atari 2600 or….and I’m too scared to even bring up these memories again- Double Dragon on the Commodore 64 Arrrrrgh.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Vlad seems to be a little stuck up ahead, throttle down, I’ll give him a gentle push 🙂


Nope, Carmeggedon, the classic chaos racer is simple arcade fun on a VDU and not real life…although it’s really tempting when someone cuts you up on the road eh? Mwah ha ha ha.

When Carmeggedon first game out in the mid 90’s I didn’t play that much of it as it was one of those games that really required a beefy PC (unless you could get hold of the 3DFX patch) and my poor DOS PC ran it so slowly it was unplayable. I didn’t really give it that much time until I picked it up again on sale for the original Sony PlayStation where the advanced chips on the little grey box could kick those pixels round at a descent framerate. It was sorta left in the back of the pile though as titles like WipeOut, Ridge Racer, Destruction Derby and Tekken tended to be on my play list back then. A shame really, as going back to it today, it such a fun game!

Getting it to run on more modern PC equipment can be a little bit tricky but thanks to the chaps at Good Old Games , they’ve made this a very simple process and have include a host of patches to run under DOSbox. Unfortunately , on my ageing (non dual anything) PC using the Glide wrapper plugin, the game looks great but runs way to slow – Even Carmegeddon is an old game, running under emulation with smooth 3D graphics will require a much more beefier PC.

However, all is not lost as simply running the patched Carm95.exe under Windows (XP/7) using compatibility mode (set to Win 95) it runs in software mode and although it looks a little chunky, you’re still getting silky smooth fullscreen fun. All of these shots below are captured in this mode.

A mis-timed jump on level two see me flipped and bouncing toward the unsuspecting cows…it got very messy!


Lined up on ‘Maim’ Street ready to begin the first ‘race’. That flag man looks nervous!


Races are won by one of three methods. Either, the traditional way by becoming first after completing a set number of laps, ensuring that you drive under each checkpoint dotted around the track (the map screen helps here if you get lost) until reaching the end. Alternatively you can repeatedly crash into your opponents to inflict so much damage that their engines explode and cannot continue. And finally, a bit more tricky, hunt down and plow into every pedestrian on the track. Can you find them all, there’s an on screen ticker that will indicate how many are left standing.

Take a detour on track one and head into the stadium to disrupt the local football game.

Pitch invasion, run for your lives mwah ha ha haaaaa!


As you mow down the pedestrians of wipe out other race drivers, you gain dollars. These can be used to repair your car on the fly or level up your cars offensive/defensive capabilities between each race. There are also many pickups to be found around each track in the form of colour barrels. Some will aid your race providing temporary speed boost and instant handbreak stopping power but other will work against you with hilarious consequences such as bouncy mode and unruly suspension.

Each track is huge and offers plenty of different routes to explore as well as ramps and jumps to perform a multitude of stunts (which btw earn more dollars).

Carmegeddon might look a bit old these days but, it was certainly revolutionary in its day and hats off (finally) from me to SCI for producing one damn fine sand box racer.

Now is the time to pick up a your own copy of Carmageddon as it’s on sale at the moment at GOG for just $4.99 including the Splat Pack expansion too. As always, GOG have done the release proud by adding additional content to the package including manuals, artwork, music and, papercraft – (yep, there’s an Eagle motor on my desktop right now).



I’ve also been having fun with new the iOS port on my iPad too with improved visuals and touch screen controls which, despite my initial apprehension for touch screen driving controls, actually work really well and take minutes to get used to before you’re able to put up a good fight.



It’s also interesting to read that the Max Carnage and chums could  be coming back to PC screens again, via Carmegeddon Reincarnation. That’s one I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on.

…but until then, I’m off hunt down that flag man who seems to have done a runner 😉



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