El Hobbit – ZX Spectrum

I’ve just been catching up on the latest game releases for the Sinclair Spectrum via WOS and am currently enjoying a little old school platform fun with EL Hobbit which was released a few days ago.

El Hobbit, as you can probably guess is loosely based on J.R.R’s book – The Hobbit,  although the short intro appears to be from Lord of the Rings and had me laughing when I first  saw it. Superb!

Gandalf and the Hobbit’s race to exit, the Mines of Moria visitors centre is about to close!

el hobbit


The Dwarves had tunnelled too deeply and unearthed a demon , eek – the Balrog. With commanding cries of ”Stop’ and/or  ‘You shall not Pass’, Gandalf the Grey makes a final stand and smites the Balrog o’er whence he came.

el hobbit1

Miffed Balrog,   catches Gandalf with his whip and they both fall down into  the darkness below. Da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

el hobbit2

El Hobbit is a simple platformer and despite some frustratingly difficult jumps, it’s actually rather good. Movement are classic Q,A,O,P and M will activate whatever object you might be carrying in your inventory. I’ve got no idea what the story is behind level one but our hero (Bilbo?) has got to make his way from his home and duck past the giant pipe to reach the door at the end. Giant Pipe you say?, it must be a some sort of magical and no doubt evil, pipe mind you.

Here’s the first level.

Right, I need to get up there although I can’t reach the moving platform above. I’ll head on right to the next screen to see if there’s a way up.

el hobbit3

Fantastic, a set of platforms that will take me up. Back to the first screen, timing my jump onto the moving platform and then up, up and away to the next screen. That pink flying thing is quite happy to take a bite out of Hobbits so  better use the ‘A’ key to duck down until he’s gone. That shiny green key is what I’m after.

el hobbit4

Now that I’ve got the key, I can unlock the RED door. I just need to hop over another flying flappy thing. Dammit why did I forget to pack ‘Sting’ 🙂

el hobbit5

Eek, the giant evil Pipe, I better avoid it and press the lever to open the door below. Eek, he’s spotted me…ruuuun, you fool.

el hobbit6

…and so end level one..lots more pixel perfect jumping to follow.

Basic looking it may be, but actually rather fun and well worth taking a look at it. You can download for  free at –



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