Bring back Star Wars at Christmas.

Back in the 80’s, at some point over the Christmas period, two of the four  UK TV channels (yep, we only had four back then) would be showing Star Wars – A New Hope. It’s airing was staple TV over the Christmas holiday and essential viewing to me and my mates as one of the greatest films ever was playing at the greatest time of the year. So frequent was it played each year, that it almost became a joke to others usually met with grumbles of ‘oh no, not Star Wars AGAIN, if it’s not that it’s repeats of Moonraker’. Of course, as a long serving Star Wars fan since ’77, I absolutely lapped it up and Christmas doesn’t seem the same without it.

Of course, with modern formats such as VHS and Betamax video cassettes….o.k, more more modern formats such as DVD, Blueray and digital distribution , one can simply watch Star Wars at any time of the day. Yet there something special about it being live on TV, complete with commercial breaks allowing the  perfect excuse to mount an expedition to the fridge in hope of seeking out that elusive cocktail sausage, that last chicken drumstick or to finish of the trifle that you started earlier for breakfast 🙂

Whenever I see this one particular movie release poster, I always think back to Christmas as it’s was  this one that was used the most between commercial breaks. It’s also engraved in my mind as it was cue to hit stop/record on our first  mammoth VCR machine.


Hehe, I remember  it seemed to take ages to actually start recording. You had to get pretty good with at guessing that the commercial currently being played was the last one of the sequence and you the movie was about to restart.

I also remember the the original Hildebrant poster being used too – there’s no forgetting Leia on this one 😉

Star Wars  A New Hope b


I was thinking about Star Wars at Christmas time on  the commute in to work this morning (yep…back to work today, but thankfully today only)  and I got thinking that I should hunt out my old VHS Star Wars tape. I’ve owned it some many times  over the years but the super ‘ Executo’r box set is probably my favourite because it also contains the three ‘making of’ documentaries for each film.

Any one remember this, I think it might have been a UK release only though?



Each film are the original releases prior to all that special  edition milarky..remember, Han Shot First!  and so I thought it would be cool to take a rip of a tape, split it and edit in some vintage 80’s tv commercials from Youtube.

In fact, something like these recorded that were recorded at Christmas 1983. There’s plenty of vintage themes here…you can tell it’s Christmas though, every other advert is for alcohol!

Here’s some from Boxing day –  1982 – Well whaddyaknow, Moonraker 🙂

It’s high time that Star Wars was brought back to the TV screen at Christmas. Look through any TV listings guide at Christmas and you’ll get a whole heap of retro classics from the 70’s and 80’s but not a single whiff of an X-Wing trench run.

Come on TV controller type people, bring back Star Wars!

Was you lucky enough to have it aired this year where you are?




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