New bat tops for my iCade

How’s everyone’s Christmas going? All good here after a very busy Christmas day and before we head out to a boxing day party i though i’d take stock my swag from Santa including a little stocking filler I brought myself a few weeks ago.

The ball top joystick handle that’s supplied with the iCade is great, but a year on after buying my iCade I find that it’s always coming loose – just when you least need it to!

So, as the iCade uses standard arcade parts, I thought I’d buy myself a couple of bat style joystick tops (with deeper thread) from my fav arcade parts supplier – Gremlin Solutions

I couldn’t decide on a black top to match the iCade case or red to match the original stick so in the end, got both.

Sanwa LB-30n bat top with thread adaptor (needed on the iCade and other Sanwa sticks).


The fit seems nice and snug having a deeper thread so hopefully they shouldn’t come loose like the original.


This is the second addon to my iCade, the first was replacing all of the noisy microswitch buttons for quieter leaf switch switches. All I need to do now is swap out the joystick switches and my iCade amendments should be complete. Unmodified, the iCade is great but with a few parts swapped out for superior arcade parts, it makes gaming so much nicer.

Just got a spare half hour before me need to head off…I’m thinking R-Type should do nicely.


11 responses to “New bat tops for my iCade

  1. I want to thank you for the icade posts. I myself just ordered a icade core for $45 on amazon and found your posts googling icade. I noticed this post about replacing the ball top with the bat top (what i remember using playing sf2, mk, etc). I now ordered one of those too, can’t wait to get it.

    In preparation I installed imame(I manage to get it on the AppStore prior it being pulled by apple) on my ipad and installed all the roms it needs. (Gp32 mame rom set)Just that by itself is awesome reliving a lot of classics I loved playing as a kid, I can’t wait to get the icade core with the bat top installed and airplay it on my tv.

  2. Hey Mason, you my friend are in for some damn fine retro gaming times 🙂

    May I suggest one more modification? I found the original button switches to be rather loud, so I swapped these with much better, almost silent leaf switch switches. Much much MUCH better but I guess it’s just a personal preference.

    Very easy to do as they’re standard arcade parts inside, I blogged about swapping these so you might like to take a look at that sometime.

    Happy gaming!

    Regards and happy new year


  3. Hi Stiggy, first thanks a lot for your blog it makes me discover many things 🙂
    I follow especially everything related to the Icade so I wanted to say a big MERCI for your previous posts 🙂 I changed my Push buttons with the one you have and it was a relief ^^ I bought them in every colors lol. I want now to change the joystick parameters cause I don’t like the feeling so I was looking to buy switches :, an octogonal restrictor : or maybe an entire joystick :s with the same Sanwa Bat top 🙂 So I’m quite lost on what to choose cause I don’t know if these parts will fit the Icade. I know there will be some work on the switches but I can’t stand the noise ^^ Thanks again for your posts 🙂


    Choobi (Paris)

  4. Hey Choobi, thank you very much!

    It certainly makes a difference swapping out the push buttons doesn’t it. Changing the joystick switches is still on my list to do but I’ll certainly be posting about it as soon as I do. In fact, as I’m using my iCade quite a lot these days I might have to look into this again much sooner.

    Thanks again, it’s always nice to read comments like this.

    Kind regards and happy gaming


  5. A BIG YES !!! Like we say in French : C’est le jour et la nuit (like day & night 😉
    Watching your blog everyday & waiting for the good news =)

    Good night !! .. or day 😉


  6. Holy moly! Now that is one mighty collection.

    I need more stuff now 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Mason and a Merry Christmas to you Sir.

    Kind regards


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