Kids try a Commodore 64

The best Christmas present I ever got from my parents was my Commodore 64. Nearly 30 years on, I’m still using that very same machine today. I was just reminiscing via Youtube and a couple of vintage Commodore advertisements when I came across this –

Matt (Mayhem) Allen (who I’ve seen at many retro gaming events but have not introduced myself too) shows a bunch of kids and secondary school pupils a slice of gaming from the 1980’s.

I think of only one thing when I look at this….man I’m old! 🙂

Incidentally, Matt is the man to talk to about Commodore Cartridges. Check out his collection at –


4 responses to “Kids try a Commodore 64

  1. Indeed. We found them to have more fun with the old games rather than playing new 3D stuff – if you take a look at the bestselling Nintendo games… well, they are more or less 2D like in the good old times. Old saying goes: Good game is easy to learn and hard to master. Think this applies to the old gems from the 80s, as well as to the 3D stuff. Most of recent games seam to have a problem with this. 😉

  2. Going the other way for a minute, what I find most impressive with young gamers these days is the almost natural dexterity that the have when using a modern gazillion buttoned joypad.

    Way back in the day when I got my first Sega Master System, initially my brain/coordination just couldn’t handle two buttons after so many years of single button sticks.

  3. Right! I still struggle to switch between Stick, Pad and button count. 😉 Lately I read something about a school starting an annual Gamestournament with strategy games like StarCraft and the likes. They believe it to be a good means of training strategy, getting along and learning basics of tactic working within a group. I was really pleased to see these old Video-games-are-all-bad-attitude being broken up.

    I think we are on a way in good future, where all this media understanding being taught in schools and with a generation of gamers that grew up and understand it all.

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