Retro Gaming: Flipper Slipper – Colecovision.

I don’t really play that many Colecovision games too often (must change that), apart from being quite partial to a spot of Beamrider, however I’ve been returning to this one particular game quite a lot this week – The rather odd Breakout/Pinball game called Flipper Slipper.

Gameplay is straight forward enough and follows the usual Breakout pattern i.e you control  the bat left and right (actually you get two Flipper Slipper) and bounce the ball off the targets above to score points.

With other Breakout clones, such as like Batty or Arkanoid for example, you get a multitude of pick up modification to help you clear the screen. Well, there’s nothing like that in Flipper Slipper but what you do get is the ability to rotate your bats which helps to increase your aim. Also, as the bats are slightly curved, and with practice, you can effectively double bounce the ball and get it travelling in the right direction for more precise shots…ok, i admit, most are flukes 🙂

As you can see from the two yellow blobs either side of the screen and the wavy lines at the bottom, Flipper Slipper has some some of beach theme going on….well yellow blobs must mean sand right? Erm…… I’m sure what that bear and/or dogs head at the top of the screen fits into the beach theme but hitting the blue icons below him a few times seems to rack up the points so I’m guessing that’s good right?


Those ‘things’ at the top left/right of the screen are in effect, blocks similar to Breakout. Clearing them will reward you with points and taking out the last one will spawn a new set for you to clear again. You also get to target fish that are out for a stroll on the sand (yep!) and ninja-less turtles from time to time.

..and what the flippin ‘eck is that floaty thing that drifts  from left to right? In fact, what the hell was the artist on when creating this  screen?…Yep, Flipper Slipper is one weird looking game, but one that is surprisingly very likable after just a few short plays. Who cares what all the crap is on screen, those curved bats certainly make for an interesting game of Breakout.

Edit – aha, I’ve just found a pdf copy of the instruction manual online…makes more sense now 🙂


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