Maldita Castillia

<roar> ‘For God and Castles’ <more roar….and a bit of echo for dramatic effect>.

Yep, that’s what you’ll be saying after completing a level of Maldita Castilla…during gameplay it’ll be something like ‘Dammit’, ‘For flip sake’, ‘Noooo’, ‘Die you mother flappy things’ etc etc

Locomalito is back with yet another retro-tastic freeware game and this time around it’s a arcade platformer which takes inspiration from Ghost n Goblins, Gryzor, Karnov, Castlevania and many more. Suck at Super Ghouls and Ghosts on the SNES? <I do>, play Maldita Castilla instead, its a little more forgiven and bags of fun.

Here’s the trailer –

Like Verminist and Hydorah, the thing that i really like about Locomalitio’s releases are the the little extras that have gone into each production. For example, ingame simulated scan lines, arcade ROM board inspired game startup  and the host of additional media available free for download with each game.

A page from the beautifully produced game manual.

Behold, the carriage of the chosen one.


You can even download and print your own DVD wallet and disc cover.


One of ten posters depicting scenes and end of level bosses. This one, the child of Jabba the Hutt and General Grevious? 🙂


Man-up brave Knight,  fore your quest begins – Six levels of 80’s pixel platform fun awaits and demons beckon o’ yonder. Smite away my lord – For God and Castles!


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