Commodore Free #65

Commodore Free, the free Commodore enthusiast magazine, has always been a damn fine read, but Nigel and co. really have made #65 one of the best to date. Big thanks guys!

Check out some of the Commodore goodness via the C64 diskmag menu.


Not only all of that lot  but the contents of this months (digital) cover tape features a rather cracking game of Tetris, two Schmups (loving ReTron at the moment), a 2-up classic memory game and finally, Tape Master Pro for making your own loader screens with your own  image, music and  text.  The StiGGyBloG tape loader will be born soon 😉

Head on over to Commodore Free and download a copy of this month issue served up in all manner of digital print formats from simple .txt to PDF or .epub and .mobi for your tablet readers if you prefer. Of course, there’s always the .d64 version for playback on a real C64 (or emulated).

After a hectic day at work and the last of our Christmas shopping trips done, it’s  nice to be out of the cold, put ones feet up and delve into a slice of Commodore bliss.




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