Konix Multisystem emulated

Woo, check out all the excitement at http://www.konixmultisystem.co.uk/ as they have now released an emulator of the famous yet unreleased 80’s console, the Konix Multi System. Best of all, with kind permission from Mr Yak himself, a semi complete version of Attack of the Mutant camels which Jeff developed for the system has been released too! Impressive stuff indeed especially as pretty much all related material about the console is practically non existent.

Looking pretty good there for an 8-bit system. Certainly might have given the Amiga or Atari ST a good fight.


After you’ve had play around with the emulator and some of the tech demos, check out some of the in depth articles on the site too to learn more about the machine that never became.

What is an interesting thought though, is now that the emulator is out there, I wonder if any talented coders begin to develop new games for it and/or could we see Homebrew Konix Systems starting to appear? Anyone got an a spare deck chair 😉


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