Amiga Harddrive restore using WinUAE.

Following on from my previous post, I’ve now got a full back up of my Amiga SD harddrive stored as a hardfile which I use as a base model in WinUAE for amendments and restores. My next step is to reverse the procedure and see if I can now copy the contents from the backup hardfile, back onto a blank SD card and then see if it will boot on my real Amiga.

So with a fresh pot of coffee, lets begin.

I’ve got WinUAE loaded on my netbook and have mounted my SD backup hardfile – You’ll note the dropfiles folder, this is simply a folder on my netbook mapped as a drive in WinUAE to transfer downloaded Amiga files between my PC and my virtual Amiga. Not required for this the restore but handy to have as temporary storage.



As with my previous post, within WinUAE I’ve also mounted a brand new 2GB SD card and using the HDtools from the Workbench 3.1 Install disk (ADF image), I’ve formatted the SD card as an Amiga harddrive.

Once completed, I’ve rebooted WinUAE with the backup hardfile and mynew SD hardrive mounted. Make sure to mount the backup hardfile first as this is the one you want WinUAE to boot into as at the moment the SD card is blank.

All I need to do is now drag/drop transfer all of the contents from the backup hardfile to the SD hardrive ensuring that this included all hidden files too.



…and finally, shutdown, WinUAE, remove the SD card and insert it in my Amiga 1200. Well flippin-eck…it actually worked! I’ve now got a restored version of my harddrive taken from the backup I created the other day.

I’m not done there though as I’ve been reading up on Classic Workbench this afternoon which is a a replacement graphical front end that looks a little bit nicer that all those drab greys. It’s been out for years but moving away from the Amiga to PC all those years ago, i kinda missed this one until now.

Classic Workbench comes in a variety of flavours to suit whatever Amiga configuration you might have including stock models right up to Amiga’s with grunt. Best of all, you can mess around with any of these configurations in WinUAE.

Either installing on a real Amiga or emulated, you will need a copy of the Workbench disks (adf images if using WinUAE).

I’ve download a suitable classic workbench hardfile that matches my Amiga 1200 hardware, mounted it in WinUAE and after a short pause I’m prompted to mount my Workbench 3.1 .adf files.



Part way through the installation you’re asked what type of icon set you would like, theme and the option to install additional tools (one including a declicker to stop the annoying floppy drive click when using a HD). Once that’s done, reboot WinUAE.

Workbench v3_007


Classic Workbench… with a bit more colourful now!



I’m not too keen on the wallpaper but am loving the new icons and program launcher – including a nice selection of programs too such as media players, WB games, Photopaint and DOpus.

Wallpaper changed to a simple gradient pattern.


Now that I’ve got a nice hardfile setup containing Classic Workbench, I’m wondering if I can follow the same steps taken to above to copy this over to aSD or my CF card and use it on my real Amiga?

So…..back to the start again and with WinUAE I’ve formatted my CF card and split into two partitions. DH0 will hold Classic Workbench and DH1 will be used for games and my data.

Once that’s done, boot WinUAE with Workbench 3.1 Install Disk adf image), my new CF harddrive and the Classic Workbench hardfile.

Copy all of the contents of the Classic Workbench hardfile over to the CF card/DH0 partition including all hidden files. I had to do this one folder at a time, does anyone know a quicker way?

Workbench v3_010

Once completed, reboot WinUAE but this time, with only my CF card harddrive mounted.

Yay it boots.


Let see if it will boot on my real Amiga.

Woot Woot!


A few tunes to go with my victory dance 🙂



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