Retro Gamer Magazine 110.

Busy morning with a few chores around the house but now for fun. I’ve got my (WinUAE) Amiga sat there slowly formatting a Compact Flash card to follow on from yesterdays post, I’ve just put my real Amiga back together again after giving it a clean, there’s some retro synth tunes playing out in the background courtesy of Soundcloud so all i need now is a retro game fix. As luck would have it, Curstie’s just returned home and plopped the latest issue of Retro Gamer Magazine on my geek desk…Perfect timing from a super perfect wife 😡


It’s the Christmas edition, although sadly the cover image doesn’t reflect the festive season like previous years that tips hat to classic computer magazines Zzap64 and Crash (Come on RG, we want Santa hats 🙂 ) Instead we have this non christmassy, yet pretty cool Wil Overton cover containing a collection of iconic Nintendo game characters – here’s hoping that its not to tie in with another article on the latest incarnation of Nintendo IP’s on modern consoles… phew thankfully it doesn’t look like it!

Despite the lack of a festive cover, issue 110 is chock full of all the good stuff and there’s some truly great looking articles this month.

We have an in-depth look at Bullfrog and the games that they produced. Syndicate, Theme park, Magic Carpet, Populous and many more are all here.

There’s a four page feature about the making of Sensible Soccer including plenty of interviews and even some gaming tips from Jon Hare himself…I’m not sure about the recommendation to use a Speedking joystick though..flippin awful stick if you ask me.

There’s a nice tribute to Mike Singleton and the games he helped to create. I must fire up Lord of Midnights one of these days as I’ll admit, I’ve not actually played it before (shame on you StiGGy) – although Midwinter was one of my Amiga favourites (phew, good save StiGGy!).

Finally after all these years, they’ve managed to corner Jeff Minter and badger him for an interview. This should be a damn fine read and so i’ll save that one until last.

Yay, some Christmas content with a look at 25 festive themed games. ..well, snow themed in some instances but hey, it Christmassy…sortta.

There’s a feature on the evolution of video game music which contains interviews with many musicians including those from the glory days of the Commodore 64.

Yay, perfect timing now that I’m playing the new version on my iPad – the making of Baldurs Gate (PC). Fantastic stuff.

There’s some rather interesting looking homebrew games featured in this months column, especially the ZX Spectrum offering. Will check this out soon.

Wow, it’s hard to believe that the SCUMM engine is 25 years old!…. and a perfect excuse for a look as some of Lucasarts classic adventure games that were built around it. More of this please RG!

…and finally, we’ve got the usual bag of great content including ‘Back to the 80’s and 90’s’ (sadly not December) and a stack of game reviews. Oh an an update on the new Elite game too.

Kettles on!


2 responses to “Retro Gamer Magazine 110.

  1. Looks like Mr. Frey had been bussy, so no xmas cover like last year. Living over here in Germany, the mag always comes in late. Non the less, it is always a highlight towards the end of the month…

  2. Hello again Dan, yeah it’s a bit of a shame. Still, its brilliant issue this month so hope you get chance to grab a copy soon. I’ve been sampling the digital version too via the iPad app. Will still get the printed version.

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