Fantasty Art – Andreas Rocha

With Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Hobbit about to hit the cinemas next week I thought I’d revisit The Shire again and read J.R.R’s book again as it’s been so long since I’ve picked it up and have not read it since my youth. With all that dungeons and dragons fun stuff ,fueled on by the recent release of Baldur Gate on the the iPad,  I’m in need a fantasy wallpaper change on my PC.

…and here’s where I stumbled upon the DeviantART gallery of artist Andreas Rocha and his awesome-‘ness’ fantasy painting.



Currently ‘Aim-Altlas Refuge’ is currently my PC wallpaper and I’m lovely the mute colour mixed with the warming vibrant greens that don’t overpower my desktop and  the minimalistic detailing that doesn’t overshadow my desktop icons. You gotta love that airship too!   I’ve also cropped portions of the the Bladerunner inspired Blue Abyss and just  looks fantastic as an iPad wallpaper.

Outstanding stuff indeed and hope you enjoy too.



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