Retro Remake: Thrust Xtreme

Right, let’s get all the sniggering out the way first shall we? I’m going to talk about Thrusting….pfffff 🙂

You can’t beat a good Thrust session (the game) and the platform of choice for me will either be the C64 version or, as I’m now becoming quite fond of because of the responsive keyboard, the BBC Micro version.

Thrust – C64


However, being a Vectrex fan and therefore a sucker for anything remotely looking like a Vectrex game, my new found favourite at the moment has to be this retro remake called Thrust Xtreme by Wiebo de Wit.

It looks damn fine, sounds damn fine and plays damn fine.


The main menu  is were you’ll find the redefinable controls and various graphic options but I found that my native fullscreen graphics mode wasn’t listed in the menu. However, if you play the game once, exit and then browse to where the game is installed and open the Thrust configuration file, you can enter your preferred resolution. I’m not sure if it works for all resolutions but it certainly worked on my TFT screen at 1920 x 1080.


I’m sure you’ve all played Thrust before so I won’t go into how to play the game h….oh, you haven’t played it…oh, o.k…well, guide your ship to find that orb looking thing below, hook it with whatever key you defined for your hooky thing and drag it up and out to orbit without hitting anything. Extra points are award for shooting and destroying the gun turrets as well as the Reactor plant (dome shaped building). Destroy this last as you’ll only have seconds to reach orbit before the whole planet explodes.

Right, got the orb thingy, need to make a quick exit so better shoot that switch to open the door and get through it fast before it closes again.


Thrust xTreme is just a playable at the original and looks absolutely amazing. It’s a free PC download so what are you waiting for? Thrust away 😉

Oh and I forgot to mention, there’s a level editor included in download  too if you fancy making your own levels. I’ll certainly be having a go.


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