Happy gaming with Milton Bradley.

We’ve got a few days off work this week and one of the things we need to complete was our Christmas shopping. Blessed with umpteen nieces and nephews, we made our lists and headed off to Toys R Us.

One thing that made us smile whilst browsing the aisles which were stuffed to the hilt with all manner of goodies was how many of the classic games that we used to play as kids are still available today.  It was a real nostalgic trip as we reminisced about classics from MB Games.

I bet you all remember  Downfall, Battleships, Ker-pluk, Operation, Mouse Trap, Hungry Hippos and Buckaroo!

We’re not too sure about some of these modern themed variants though. Give me the classics any day!





This is more like is –  Game of Life 1977, this and the 1984 version are the ones I remember playing the most.




I had no idea, until reading the rather excellent wikipedia page about Milton Bradley that the Game of Life (aka Checked Game of Life) dates back to 1860 and that he started his career making Lithographs of Abe Lincoln….





…..and to think thank many many years later this would  lead to the almighty Vectrex Console!

So what are your favourites from yesteryear? Firm favourites like Monopoly, Scrabble or Twister, games that featured a certain novelty like Ghost Castle, Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, Cross Fire or do you prefer those really cool games that featured some some of electronics like Battleships?

Sadly, Santa never brought me this one 😦



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