Retro Remake: 3D Starstrike.


Back in the days of the old republic, if you wanted to play a recreation of Atari’s Star Wars vector arcade game at home and you happened to own a ZX Spectrum, then 3D Starstrike was the one to play. It wasn’t an official licensed Starwars game but was one damn fine clone.. all thought, not of the Boba Fett type, which was pretty much spot with the arcade original considering the hardware it was running on. It would be another 5 years until Domark released an official home conversion which, to be honest, was far to late and pretty much sucked on most of the platforms .. although the Amiga version was pretty good.


3D Starstrike for the ZX Spectrum was released only few years after the arcade game, contained stimulated vector-like graphics and although the sound was terrible, it had all the elements of the arcade original including the dog fight space battle, skimming along the surface of the Death Star (sorry something that sounds like Death Star) whilst shooting the top off the the defence towers and on to the final run down the trench in the hope of hitting the exhaust port and ….well, you know the story. Suffice to say it’s tough, and Capt Solo won’t have your six this time around.


A PC remake of the Starstrike 3D was completed a few years but kinda dropped off the radar and as the authors website is no more I’ve located another copy via CNET (link below). It plays just the same as the original Speccy game and as you can see from the screen it looks flippin amazing but wait until you see it moving!

Definitely a moon and NOT a Space Station



‘Lock S foils into att….oh, right, we don’t have any of those’.


‘Stay on target’


Torpedoes away now lets run like hell, she’s gonna blow!


Weeeee, this bit is very trippy!


Dim the lights, prep your x-wing fighter,  don’t hum that Movie theme tune and any mystic voices heard during gameplay are probably not of jedi origin but of obi-wife telling you to get off the computer, use the force and get that yard swept’ 🙂

Old and new, 3d Starstrike Spectrum via iXpretrum (iPad) and the remake on my PC.




3 responses to “Retro Remake: 3D Starstrike.

  1. Hi,

    ist this a typing error: iXpretrum (iPad)
    I cant find this in the Apple Appstore nor via GOOGLE….

  2. Hey there, iXpectrum can be found in the Cydia store but you’ll need a Jailbroken iOS device for this one. For non JB devices, I’d checkout Spectaculator which is a great Spectrum emulator and can be found on the Apple App Store.

    Kind regards


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