Rise of the Robot, a hidden gem?

Surely not? Rise of the Robots on any platform was a monumental of bag of rusty scanners and if you parted cash for it back in the day, then like myself, its probably something you’d like to keep quiet about…and certainly not to admit it to the intern….dammit!

Today, the only thing that Rise of the Robots is any use for is as a booby prize for game competition s (still enjoying your copy Mike?) and it’s still interesting to look back at the classic gaming magazines of the day and reread some of the hyperbole that seemed to go on for ages and ages until the darn thing was finally released.


C&VG online periodically look back at classic issues of their own printed C&VG magazine and it was their latest article that prompted further investigation as it seems that the Nintendo SNES version of ‘Super Rusty Spanners’ received a whopping 91% when reviewed.

Hidden gaming gem or bribe?

You can find the article here

Incidentally, this issue also has a feature about the proposed 32X-like addon for the SNES, which of course never materialised,and a look at some of the games released around this time. Check out some of the prices for early SNES/Megadrive cartridges…where did we ever find the money!

Back to Rise of the Robots, I’m curious about this SNES version and as i’ve never played it before thought i’d at least check it out (with one hand on the power switch as we don’t want to go through all of that trauma again).

Yep, it’s bad…very bad…in fact, I don’t want to talk about it 🙂


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