Amiga Format magazine – PDF scans.


I’m in Amiga heaven at the moment as Commodore is Awesome are hosting PDF scans of practically every issue of Amiga Format magazine. I was an avid reader of the mag during the 90’s and tried not to miss a single issue (most of them are still with me today). Sure, Amiga Power was the mag for gamers, especially with those cover mounted floppy disks, but Amiga Format was certainly the bigger brother of all Amiga mags, containing an unusual large amount of pages for a computer magazine at the time and covering all aspects of Amiga use, both personal and professional.

It’s this particular magazine that really sparked my interest in personal computing and the Amiga as a device to for so many uses beside gaming. I guess as a result, influencing my choosen career path in I.T. to this day – damn you Amiga Format 😉

Thanks to Commodore is Awesome I can now carry around these great tablets of Amiga goodness on a more modern tablet.



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