Vectrex Regenerations released.

Yay, Vectrex Regeneration is finally out on the Apple App store!

Boo…it doesn’t work 😦 Well for me anyways.

Despite it advertised as supporting IOS 5 and above, I can’t get it running on my iPad 2 running ios 5.0.1. All I get is a black screen after the initial company logo no matter if I close all other running apps and reboot. At the moment I don’t want to update my ios revision as I’ll loose my jailbreak options therefore unless the issue is resolved, I’m a bit buggered at the moment. Vectrex Regeneration twitter feed shows that this might be a common bug so let’s hope it’s resolved soon.

Over on my iPhone, it loads perfectly (ios 6) so at least I’ve been able to sample some of the Vectrex-tastic goodies this morning.

On my iPhone (4) though, the app takes an age to load and when it finally does, it’s a bit laggy navigating around the front end menus.

The emulation runs a tad slow too, certainly when run side by side with my real Vectrex console but turning off the overlay graphics provides a little bit more of a speed burst (still slow overall though). That’s a bit of a shame really as the you loose some of that authentic Vextrex look without using the colour overlays. Mind you, I found that with the overlays enabled, I can hardly see the Vectrex game graphics as they appeared really dim on screen. Maybe on the iPad’s larger screen they’ll look better?

Control wise, it works perfectly and the onscreen four Vectrex buttons can be relocated around the screen to suit your own preference but on the small iPhone screen, all can seem a bit cramped and more often than not i’m finding that i’m hitting the wrong button. Not a fault of the app of course, but it’s probable that some of the other Vectrex games might not translate very well to the small screen?

Until the iPad version is working for me I can’t test it with my iCade, but i did try it the iPhone version with my 8-Bitty controller this morning. Unfort, I couldn’t get it to work with this particular app.

After waiting for its release since it’s announcement many months ago and then counting down the past 9 days, I must admit, I’m a tad disappointed that I couldn’t get it to work this morning. Hopeful I won’t have to wait much longer.

Oh just one more thing, price wise – £4.99 for full Vectrex emulation, including all of the original (30) games and a few homebrew games (including the excellent ‘Thrust’), what an absolute bargain.

The countdown continues.


11 responses to “Vectrex Regenerations released.

  1. Doesn’t work for me either on an iPad 2 or iPhone 4. Both jailbroken soI presume that’s where the issue lies. So disappointed 😦

  2. Same case here!!!. BIG dissapointment for me. The only reason I jailbroke my iPad2 was to play MAME in my iCade.. so this emu came perfect, but as you can see… not working. Avoid… until they fix this.

  3. Yeah it is a shame isn’t it and I would have thought that the majority of folk that want to play Vectrex on an iPad are retro gaming fans and as iPad owning retro gamers, i’d guess it was highly likely they have JB device for running other emu’s – especially icade owners.

    Let’s hope, they change their mind.

  4. According to their twitter feed, they don’t intend on supporting jailbroken devices. 😦

    (I love the final tweet response!)

  5. Well, you never know. Let’s hope they see the light and realise that most retro gaming iPad owners use JB devices…don’t they?

  6. Yeah I read that earlier on today, hopefully it won’t be long before we can all get to sample the goodies.

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