PC indie gaming – Flash Doom 2D

Had a browse around the Google web app store this lunchtime in search of a casual game and I stumbled across this one.

Flash Doom 2D

Yup, someone has gone and made a homage to classic Doom and turned it into a classic 2D platformer……and rather run it is to play too!

You know the story by now, blast everything, survive, locate the keys to open the doors and find the exit.

It’s got the original weapons and all our favourite nasties are here too. I’m loving the 2D pinkies 🙂

Controls are cursor LEFT/RIGHT for movement, UP for jump, SPACE to jump and CTRL (or mouse click) to shoot. Keys 1-9 will swap weapons (when collected) or alternatively 0 will auto swap for the best weapons

IDKFA doesn’t work 🙂

Here’s a vid of the game in action, although it was less stutters when I played it myself.


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