Retro Gaming: Arctic Adventure – PC DOS

Arctic Adventure by Apogee Software.

I must have missed Arctic Adventure the first time around as I was really into Apogee software back in the early days of PC gaming. Their revolutionary shareware model meant that floppy disks containing most of Apogee’s shareware games were circulated quite extensively around our college ground. Great gaming for student budgets!

Arctic Adventure is a fun little platform game based on the FAST engine and reminds me a little of Rick Dangerous on the Amiga. I read that it’s a sequel of some sort to one of Apogee’s earlier games – Pharoah’s Tomb which is a game i have played before and you can sorta see the similarities here.

The story goes that a long,long time ago (but not in another galaxy far far away) there was some sort of Viking treasure map and it was split into four pieces and hidden away into different caves for safe keeping. So safe it was lost until our hero, Rick D…I mean Nevada Smith, hears about it and sets off to Arctic to search for said hidden treasure. Maybe when he’s done, he can help me look for our TV remote 🙂


Each of the four cave starts off at the map room allowing you to select a level of your choice and also to save/restore any progress made. You’re free to complete each level in any order you wish, so you can always come back to the tricky ones when you’ve become accustomed to the controls.



…and so begins our platform adventure….in CGA spectravision (echo, echo, echo)

Most of the levels are just one screen although there are a few that span across multiple screens. The aim is to navigate your way towards the treasure chests and on towards the exit. You also need to pick up the axes along the way as these are used to smash through any barriers that might hinder your progress. You’re also packing a pistol so look out for ammo crates, you’ll need them.

Each level is full of nasty traps including cannons, spikes, killer seaweed (erm), giant boulders, moving platforms and lots of slippery ice. Basically all the good stuff you find in most platform games and Arctic Adventure has plenty of them to keep you entertained and back for more. Don’t be put off by the crude, simplistic graphics, there’s a great game here which harks back to the days of classic 8-bit classic platformers. Put down Jet Set Willy for a bit and give this one a go.

Even better, a couple of years ago, Arctic Adventure was released as freeware and can be downloaded from the wiki page for use with run DOSbox..


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