Random cool at Retronaut.

If you have a few minutes (actually a lot of minutes) then take a journey through time by visiting the Retronaut website and have a look at a huge collection of images covering a range of subjects  grouped together timeline. Fancy a look at technology in the 1970’s,  Art Deco buildings of the 20’s, propaganda posters from the 1940’s or fashion from the 1950’s? It’s all here and well having an explore to see what you can uncover.

Here’s a sample from some of the images that I’ve been viewing.

I bet she didn’t have to deal with Spam?

Paul Newman – Navy photograph

Suits for real men.

Vintage SciFi – Metropolis Movie Brochure.

I used to own one of these and they were NOT whisper quiet. However, the GLS model had a 7 seven dial instrument panel on the dash with looked super cool. Jet smooth? Hmm, maybe if you left the choke out!

Lunch time at Disney’s Canteen during the 1960’s

Oh my, they actually produced these 😮

One for the faux magazines produced for the Bladerunner movie set.

They should replace today’s often mundane  health and safety posters for something a little more graphic like this one from 1920’s Soviet Union. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

Eek, I’ve been giving it to the birds instead!


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