Commodore SD2IEC Cassette Tape Case

I’ve still not got round to building a proper case for my SD2IEC <;see previous blog post >; and rather than have it sit in an antistatic bag I thought I’d make a get a quick an easy case for it that was a little more robust and at least keep the dust of it whilst it’s in use.

My SD2iEC board is slightly bigger than a standard credit card and thus fits inside a tape cassette case quite nicely. Plus, by definition the device almost replaces cassette tapes/floppy disks for my 8-Bit Commodores so i thought using an old school tape case would be kinda cool.

First thing i need to do was get the Dremel out the two plastic lugs on the inside of the case that used to hold a cassette in place. These would simply be getting in the way so after a quick chop and a little light sanding with one of the Dremel attachments, it’s all nice and smooth inside.


Next I need to cut away a section in one corner of the case to allow for the serial cable and then i cut away a small slot in the front side of the case to allow access to the SD card slot.

Still plenty of room in there but i’ll add a few adhesive foam pads for protection and stop the board from moving around.


I found a template for to print your own cassette insert on the internet which was already scaled to fit perfectly and added a retro cassette image and a few other bits using Photoshop.

I’m pretty happy with the results so far. I just need to make a few holes in the top so I can access the reset and disk change buttons as well as letting the LED lights to shine through.


I’ve amended the cover slightly by adding a ‘Commodore SD2IEC’ in the best matching Commodore font I could find (EuroStile Extended) as well as some simple ‘Load’ instructions similar to those on old Commodore game tapes – amended to load the sd2iec File Browser utility.

I’m also toying with the idea of creating two other alternative inserts. One would be a mock beige Commodore 1541 floppy drive complete with Commodore logo and colour ribbon (except it would read Commodore SD2IEC instead of 1541) and the other would be based on the grey Commodore 1531 Floppy drive. What do you think?



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