Commodore 16 & Plus/4 collection.

I just wanted to post some of the pictures I taken at last weekends retro gaming event showing parts of our hosts epic Commodore 16 and Plus/4 collection.

Chris has a copy every game ever released for the C16 & Plus/4,apart just one game which is a variant of an existing game  he owns but was released in a larger outer box.

The collection contains all tapes, disks and cartridges.


Look at all those goodies! – I found quite a few of my favourites here and I even managed to locate my very first Plus/4 game purchase. At the time it was the most I’d spent on a computer  and was one of the Five-Star Game bundles  which included Blagger, Pogo Pete, Ghost Town, Tom Thumb and Defence 16. I remember most of them being pretty terrible, but seeing those game covers again sure brought back a lot of memories for me.

Chris also has a nic  collection of hardware including Ram packs, custom cartridges, SID cartridges, Eprom Burners and addon mods as well as a nice collection of replacement chips.

I counted about 20 Datasette units. I guess you can never have enough!


Why oh why didn’t Commodore choose the Grey/White colour combination on all their hardware? It’s so much better looking than the Beige used on the C64 & Vic-20. Just look at how nice those peripherals look in high tech grey. Loving the 1551 and  no RetroBrite required 🙂

I’ve mentioned before, but many thanks again to Chris for donating a Commodore C116 to Retro Computer Museum.


Boxed Commodore’s.

I’ve always had, and always will have a soft spot for the Commodore Plus/4 and so you can probably imagine my reaction when I saw all this lot! A superb collection and many thanks to Chris for allowing us the opportunity to have a good browse around over the weekend.


10 responses to “Commodore 16 & Plus/4 collection.

  1. Nice pics!

    I love the Plus/4 as well. It is a crazy machine. I can only imagine what they were smoking the day they signed off on the integrated software! Lovely machine to code on as well, it is a shame it wasn’t more popular.

    I’m looking for a backup Plus/4 at the moment – mine is a little temperamental, but they are quite pricey on eBay at the moment, especially this time of year.

  2. Bit of a gamble on Commodore’s part I guess and one we all know just didn’t quite make it. Totally agree though, lovely little machine and has best set of cursor keys 🙂

  3. Great video mate, I think I saw this one not too long after the event. Are you a regular attendee of RCM events too? If so, maybe I’ll bump into you this Easter at Snibston.

  4. Thanks. I’m not a regular, that was my first and only time. I’m unsure whether I can make it to anymore in the near future. I have another video of the event which I made which is on my youtube channel. Basically me taking a stroll around the building looking at all the different systems (maybe you’re on it), culminating with a chat about that cool ZX81 Space Invaders conversion. It was a great day out.

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