Poorly Commodore 64

Oh no, came to switch on my (breadbin) C64 this evening and all I get is this šŸ˜¦


I’ll use my other c64c to copy one of the diagnostic cartridge images to my EasyFlash Cart and see if I can spot the problem.

Bit gutted really as this was my very first c64 i owned and is the one with JiffyDOS installed.

Let’s hope it’s something fixable. The fact that there’s at least something on screen is a good sign?

To be continued…..

update –

Prepping a test cart


Let’s see….



C64 Doctor next


Pretty much the same results although the kernel ROM test has failed – although I suspect is a false reading due to my JiffyDOS rom as I get the same failure on my c64c which also has the pimped rom.

Update no.2

Thanks for the tips Porchy. Unseated U18 and tried again but still no change and a screen full of garbage.

Reseated it and applied a bit of pressure to U1 & U2. Fired it up and….


…..we’re back in business. Going to soak test it for a bit but so far so good!


9 responses to “Poorly Commodore 64

  1. Hey JT.

    PSU seems o.k when used on my VIC’s and C64c.

    Just run a few test progs and it says chips U1 (6526), U2 (6526) & U18 (6518) have failed the tests. All three are socketed.

  2. Not sure Dr Porchy. Sound test is part of the diagnostic and as i can here the various beeps and music, i guess this SID is o.k?

    Will lift u18 anyway and see what happens.

  3. Well the 6581 is the Sid chip and its showing fault.
    The other two are the CIA chips which are the hardest thing to find replacements for. Not completely sure but think you can boot a 64 with those CIAs removed.

  4. Good stuff fella. If the legs on them ICs are grubby you can clean em with a pencil eraser. Quite often the sockets get a bit old and reseating a few times will do the trick

  5. Will do that JT. Just got it out of ‘dust free’ storage so maybe moving it about had dislodged a bit of dirt. Thanks for your VERY quick responses. Speak to you soon and see you next month.

  6. I have the exact problem. Taking an IC extractor home today and going to unseat the IC’s mentioned. I hope to have as much luck as you, wish me luck šŸ˜›
    And thanks for posting this, it gave me some hope.

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