Redneck Rampage pack – on offer at G.O.G


Good Old Games ( latest promo see 50% off there Interplay games including  the Redneck Rampage game pack.


For just $2.99 (a couple of quid here) you get a DRM free digital download versions of the original game, the two expansion game packs and  the colourful language pack (dubbed the cuss pack). In addition, as with most GOG games they’ve packaged it with plenty of bonus material including soundtracks, HD wallpapers, manuals and avatars.

Plus, GOG’s setup launcher  makes the job of getting these older games (especially DOS games) running quite happily on modern PC’s on later versions of MS Windows and Mac OS with minimal fuss. You’ll often find OpenGL and Glide wrappers included too so you can play the games using modern  hardware graphic acceleration instead of the original chunky graphics if you wish.

I only ever played the shareware version of Redneck Rampage when it first came out on ‘multimedia’ magazine cover CD, so I’m looking forward to seeing more levels in this  ‘purdy’ looking FPS.

The sale ends in two days, so if you’ve got a bit of loose change, then go check it out or indeed some of the other Interplay games on offer at the moment. I think I’ll treat myself to Descent 1/2 and Freespace too.

*BTW, Although fine on my main PC, I had problems getting OpenGL to run via the GOG launcher so I used this instead and it worked perfectly –


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