Han Solo Adventures – Demo

Hands up how many of you bookmark interesting things that you find on the internet to read later  and then promptly forget about them….<counting>…Oh, quite a few then, phew, I thought for minute it was my age!

Any-ho, the particular bookmark in question was a link to a  Star War fan project, in which creator Stacy Davidson  is attempting to build an traditional point and click adventure game entitled Han Solo Adventures. You know the type of thing, something along the lines of  The Secret of Monkey island  – except, with this one, the pirate’s ship is called the Millennium Falcon and I’m guessing the only monkey to appear would be of the Kowakian type 😉

Forgot all about it I did <Yoda>, until after reading yet more web chatter about George selling to Disney and all the hype surrounding the new Star Wars trilogy etc etc. After revisiting the site, i spotted that there’s been a playable demo available for download since June.

See me download, install and fire up the this puppy quicker than you can say ‘Han shot first’!
It’s so great to be playing a point-n-click adventure again (mental note to dig out my Lucasart collection again) especially  one based on Star Wars  and the coolest nerf herders their is…although one hopes that badass Fett might appear at some point.

R5 still doesn’t look well does he.

It’s certainly looking good isn’t it, with that familiar look and feel of a  classic point n click adventure and a  Scumm styled interface.

This demo  is just a taste of one of the levels (unknown if it’s the first) and it appears that Capt Solo has been shot down and has crash landed of Tatooine…unless this is another desert planet with twin suns and a Space Port visible from a far? The aim of the demo  is to find some means of transportation that is able or willing to take you on to the Space Port.
I’m don’t want to divulge much more than that or post any more screenshots as I really don’t want to spoil it for you.

Suffice to say, the VGA style blocky graphics are spot getting that classic adventure game looks and feel with some really well drawn characters and backdrops. There’s also plenty of  Star Wars references here and a dollop of humour to keep you smiling.

For those out there who, like myself,  had completely forgotten about this project, head on over to the Han Solo Adventure website and give the demo a go.







7 responses to “Han Solo Adventures – Demo

  1. No worries. Hopefully, the completed game will be out soon. Suffice to say, I won’t be forgetting about keeping tabs on this one again!

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