VIC-20 Homebrew game – Mayhem

Following on from one of my previous posts – I’ve been in contact with Revival Studios and have purchased a couple of new VIC-20 games.

Mayhem (2012)

‘Wizzy’s latest invention went terribly wrong! It exploded and all kinds of parts are flying across the room!

Your goal is clear and simple: Avoid the debris while running around and picking up parts to gain points! ‘

It’s always nice to play something brand new on a classic system so I’ve been looking forward to setting up the ol VIC-20 again and give this one a spin to see how it fairs against the impressive ZX81 version. Graphically it’s all colourful with flicker free smooth scrolling considering that it’s running on an unexpanded VIC-20 but sound is minimal with only the odd blip to register debris bouncing of the wall or the wonderful Nintendo Gameboy-esque Mario Bros SFX when you pick up a coin/part.

Things start off nice and easy with only one piece of debris to avoid. Control is via joystick and Whizzy moves with speed which is something you need to get used to when first playing Mayhem.

The more parts you collect the more debris is added.

…and then you die…only to see you hit the fire button again for another go as you’re damn sure you can do better next time. And so it goes, on an on and can get quite addictive. My highest score is a measly 32 points!

At first I favoured the monochrome and minimalistic ZX81 version (well its never going to be anything other than monochrome and minimalistic!) but Mayhem, in full colour on my VIC-20 is growing on me.

The game is available for a few Euros in either physical tape edition or digital download (buy the tape version and get the digital download edition free). I’m awaiting the tape but Martijn of Revival Studios was able to email the digital version shortly after my payment. Being in PRG format I can play this straight away on my VIC-20 via my SD2IEC or in VICE VIC-20 emulation on a variety of other devices.

We’ve got a Retro Computer Museum members event coming up at the beginning of Dec so i’ll take Mayhem down with me and see what the other fella’s think.

More details can be found at

On the left, one of my Vic-20’s (actually, this one is a  VC-20) pimped with JiffyDOS/SD2IEC/16K Ram pack and the latest game. On the right,  my PC running the game under emulation via VICE



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