Poor mans pinball table :-)

Now that I can download more Visual Pinball tables, I thought I’d try the high resolution full screen Black Knight table and have my PC monitor rotated vertically.

I originally brought this rotating TFT screen for vertical Mame games but i found that it was way to tall and narrow when rotated. However,  looks great with the fullscreen  Pinball tables that are designed for 16:10 screen.

Black Knight


Clearing some space on my desk. I thought it would be cool to have the monitor lying down flat, just like a real pinball table. I have to admit, I’m rather chuffed at the screen image being visible even at this low angle. When I tried my other desktop monitor on my cardboard Pinball prototype, you could hardly see it unless stood at the right angle – See previous blog post https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/cardboard-visual-pinball-model/



My desktop PC has twin video outputs so after digging finding  another DVI cable, I connected my other monitor and set Windows to expand the desktop and use the second screen to display the Black Knight score panel.


I’ve also downloaded another  FS table called Tales of Arabian Nights which is another pinball machine I spent some time on at Play:Expo.



Added Tape, switches, arcade buttons and a iPac 🙂



The poor man pinball tables is complete with working flipper buttons. I can now see the appeal when folk build these PC/Emulators  into  full size pinball tables now. Sure, nothing is going to beat the real thing but it’s been such fun to play around with it this afternoon. Sadly, the desk is looking like a bombs hit it so I really ought to crack on and get everything back in it’s proper place….after a few more goes of course!

For all the files you need, including tables and a great Visual Pinball setup tutorial, here’s the place to go –



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