8-Bitty – Retro wireless controller for iOS/Android.

I just ordered one of these from ThinkGeekafter missing the first batch of stock and have been waiting for them to appear again (on sale this time too!).



Basically it’s, as you can see a classic styled joypad but this one is Bluetooth and can be connected to the iPad/iPhone/Android devices. It uses the iCade SDK so all current supported games should work perfectly with it.

Don’t get me wrong, i love my iCade to bits but sometimes you just want something small and portable to carry around which will also provide physical controls instead of touchscreen stabbing. With this and my iPhone, I got a pretty good portable Commodore 64 gaming system 🙂

For those games that aren’t iCade compatable, i’ve been checking out an iOS app called Blutrol which enables support for a greater number of games. The only caveat for iOS devices is that Blutroll is not available via the Apple app store but via and so your iOS device needs to be Jailbroken. Also, it will only work with games that have touchscreen controls that remain in the same place onscreen. Games that require swipe gestures or control by touching any part of the screen are unsuitable.

I thought I’d check out Blutrol before my controller arrives and so i’ve tried the new Street Fighter X Tekken game on my iPad- a game without iCade support to see if I can get it to working with my iCade.

To setup –

Play the game you wish to convert and take as screenshot of the game in action by pressing the iOS home and power button together.


Exit the game and launch Blutrol.

Click on ‘the ‘+’ button to add a new game configuration.

Select the game from the list of installed apps.

Click on either the landscape or portrait button to suit the orientation of your game. For example i’ve select landscape for Streetfighter X Tekken.

This will open your photo gallery, so browse to the screenshot you took earlier and select it.

Click on the control button (again, either landscape or portrait).

Drag the iCade controls over the top of the games controls. You can pinch and drag the joystick icon to match that of the on screen game joystick area.


Click ‘done’, connect your iCade, relaunch the game and hopefully you should now find your physical iCade controls will now work.

Happy to say that this worked perfectly.

I’ll be back with more when my 8-Bitty arrives through the mail.


4 responses to “8-Bitty – Retro wireless controller for iOS/Android.

  1. Oh wow, thanks Stefano, I’d forgotten all about SC – one of my fav Dreamcast games.

    Many thanks again.


  2. I have found an iOS blog here. I was just looking for an informative blog on iOS. Well, the retro wireless controller for iOS needs to be explained in more detail but info is useful and on track. Thanks Steve for a great approach. I was playing Go Go Woony iOS game and in between, I found your blog that makes me more curious in iOS research, Thanks again

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