Playing new on old – ZX81 games

At last weekend Play:Expo, I met up with fellow RCM admin and friend Mike who has recently attended Eurocon in Karlsruhe and had picked up a couple of new ZX81 games for the museum. Knowing I was heading down to RCM this weekend, I offered to play postie and take them down with me.

Both game have been released by who produce new homebrew games and demo for classic computers and consoles.

Mayhem and Down are the second and third releases by Revival Studios for the Sinclair ZX81/Timex TS1000.




Both games are obviously simple being ZX81 games, but are extremely fun to play.

After we’d finished with the Mame cabinet, we tried both games on one of the Zx81’s and had a look at the other, and first release from Revival Studios – Avalanche.


Mayhem, in particular is really a fun game as you dodge the ever expanding flying debris and collect parts for points. I think 32 was the highest score we could get.

The ZXpand comes in handy for this arcade games like this as it provides joystick support.


I also read with interest that there’s a VIC-20 port of Mayhem being released. I’ll definitely get a copy of that if it’s as playable as the ZX81 version. Head on over to the Revival Studios shop for details including options for digital download.

It still amazes me that games are still be produced for vintage systems such as the ZX81, especially when they’re as fun to play as these two.


2 responses to “Playing new on old – ZX81 games

  1. Hahaha, yes and as a Commodore user, it did feel weird. However, for superior picture, even on a Sinclair, the 1704 is perfect.

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