Pac Man vs Manic Miner

Another Play Expo highlight was meeting Jim Bagley and playing on his newest project, the ‘Pac-Manic Miner-Man’ arcade machine. Jim is an oldschool programmer who has working for such giants like Ocean software and worked on some of their well know games and coin-op conversions. He’s a really nice chap to talk too and a regular guest at gaming events like this one.

For this project Jim has ported the ZX Spectrum version of Manic Miner to play on the same hardware PCB as Midway’s arcade classic Pac-Man. Bonkers I know, but when the chaps at custom arcade builders Turnarcades heard about it, they just had to give the project it’s own bespoke mini arcade cabinet.

Jim was all to happy to give me a tour including a looksee inside.

My friends Max and Jackie helped provide some of the side artwork and beta testing and so it was a real nice surprise for them to see that they’d been including in the game credits.

The cabinet should be making another appearance at the Retro Computer Museum members event in December so it’ll be nice to see it again away from the crowds at Play Expo.

Again, truly bonkers but oh so Awesome-Ness.


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