Play Expo 2012 – swag and goodies.

I’ve got one more day off work today and so I thought I’d take a look through the bag of goodies containing a few items I picked up from Play Expo.

As well as the Atari 2600 games and two homebrew Commodore C64 cartridges I mentioned in my last post I also picked up a small batch of early copies of Edge magazine. These include some the issues written at the time of the launch the 3DO, PSX and Saturn consoles or the release of a now retro classic game. The others I picked up contained articles of interest like this issue with a cover feature about Llamasoft and a indepth interview with Jeff Minter.


Free to all visitors of Play Expo was this rather cool event program which has been designed in the style of a tabloid newspaper At the time I only glanced at it but now back home I can appreciate how much work has gone into it. There’s some really great content here and such a great idea for a program design.



I also picked up issue 3 (and the early issue zero) of Retro Fusion, an independent retro gaming magazine produced by Chris Wilkins (Boyo). One of those great scene magazines written by fans for fans and produced to a very high quality.


I was rather chuffed to see that one of my own photographs appears in the magazine (the one on page 20 with Ocean Software guys Mark Jones, Gary Bracey and Jim Bagley) and as thanks, Chris personalised my copy with his signature. Mark Jones was also next to me and signed my copy too. As a fan of his work from early ZX Spectrum games, this really made my day!

You can read more about Retro Fusion and order a printed copy yourself (or digital version if you prefer) right here –

So with these and a couple of issues of Amiga Future (and not forgetting the latest issue of Retro Gamer Magazine) that’s me sorted for magazines for a week or two.

I haven’t tried them yet but am looking forward to testing the new connection leads I picked up from the Tech-Shack. I brought one for my BBC model B and another for my Sega Megadrive/Master System. Each provide Scart/Composite as opposed to naff RF so I look forward to a much better picture on my TV. They also had a flyer for Commodore SD2iEC devices and a new MMC internal storage device for ZX Spectrum +3. There’s no details on the website yet, but i’ll try to get some more info on these. What is interesting is the low prices!


Amongst the flyers and info cards, one in particular caught my eye and is about a rather interesting Indiegogo project to build a UK based classic arcade hall in the UK. Sounds like fun? Head on over to for details.

One of the best freebies I picked up at the Expo was after chatting to a chap called Dan who is linked to the Vectrex Regeneration project. As you may know, I’m a huge Vectrex fan and this project aims to bring the Vectrex to the iPhone and iPad (Android to follow), complete with authentic Vectrex ‘buzz’, screen overlays and WOOT WOOT iCade support. All original Vectrex games will be included in the app as well as app packs that contain some of the harder to find homebrew releases. This is one app I’m eagerly awaiting and Dan hinted at a November release. Checkout the awesome project at

We got chatting about all things Vectrex and I mentioned Dr Phu’s 21″ DIY Vectrex which he is very much keen to see. I’m sure we can set something up at RCM when Phu has it working again (see previous blog post – ) Any-ho, admiring Dan’s Vectrex Regeneration Polo Shirt, he pulled out a spare from a pile in his backpack and gave me one. See me grin from ear to ear!




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