Mini Star Wars Arcade Cabinet at Play:Expo 2012

One of the highlights for me was seeing and getting chance to play on Dave Brown’s miniature replica arcade machines. The Star Wars upright forms part of Dave’s collection which also includes  Donkey Kong and Defender bartop machines as well as a twin joystick emulation centre control type thingie which was connected to a projector and was bags of fun…so much so that I’m seriously thinking about building my own.

However, back to the Star Wars cab. This thing is truly awesome and is completely scratch built by Dave to resemble the original Atari upright cabinet albeit in about half scale.

A a thing of beauty!

The workmanship on the molding around the screen is fantastic and perfectly detailed just like the original. You can see that a lot of work has gone into this.

Inside the mini cabinet houses a PC which is running Mame to play both Star Wars and Empire Strikes roms back on to the 7″ screen.

The decision to include a full size reproduction yoke control was a good move as it ensures that both games play really well. I think I got a few laughs whilst playing this at the weekend as I was wearing my X-Wing Rogue Squadron T-Shirt at the time 🙂

Lock S-Foils into attack position, StiGGy Five standing by…etc etc.

Here’s a quick video of someone playing it on Saturday and then me having a go one handed whilst I filmed and played Empire Strikes back.

If anyone has any more details on Dave’s cabinets and any build photographs I’d love to hear from you.


4 responses to “Mini Star Wars Arcade Cabinet at Play:Expo 2012

  1. That’s a shame, you’ve just missed the biggest retro gaming event in the UK 😦

    Check out some of the ‘events’ sections the Retro Gamer Magazine forums, or indeed our own Museum which is based in Leicester –

    We have a forum members event this December and a public event next Easter.



  2. I loved this game as a kid, I played it in the arcades of Southend-on-Sea in Essex. Last time I got to play it was at the Game On exhibition at the Science Museum a few years ago, because sadly there are no classic arcades left in the UK.

    Great blog, I also have a retro gaming site if you want to drop by – not as many entries as you but I’m working on it. Here is my own tribute to the Star Wars arcade machine.



  3. Hey Roly thanks for your comments. I’ll certainly be looking at your blog over the weekend when I get some downtime (the land of I.T. has been a busy one thus week).

    Yes it’s a shame all the old arcade halls are long gone but thanks to the thriving retro gaming scene, there’s always events that feature one or two (or even 40) classic arcade machines. I’ve not quite managed to spot a Star Wars cockpit yet though, think I’d faint if I did!

    Kind regards


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