Retro Remake: Black Widow

Urgh!, Spiders…not a huge fan myself and as it’s October, those little (big) critter like to drop in for a chat and to scare the living snot out of me and poor Mrs Stiggy. We had one in the bathroom the other week and I kid you not it was so big I could see it smiling at me. Thankfully in this country we don’t have some of those really nasty ones especially those that you wouldn’t want in your sleeping bag on a camping trip.

But I do like a spot of Black Widow though, the classic 1982 Atari arcade game that is.



I was playing this superb twin stick shooter just the other week on that modern/retro arcade cabinet I came across (see previous blog post – and so yesterdays unveiling of a pretty spectacular PC remake was most welcome….unlike that one living in my Mame cabinet

The freeware remake is by Sokurah and is yet again, another superb example of a vector based remake to add to his equally superb back catalogue.

Options galore including multiple degrees of vector graphic glow, re-definable and tweakable controls systems including twin analogue stick control pads (my USB Logitec Rumble Pad2 works perfectly with it ) just to get it looking and playing just how you like it.

With afterglow set to ‘Normal’

No afterglow.

Gameplay is the same as the arcade original including the eggs and helpful but money stealing bug slayer.

I’ve been trying to capture some footage with HyperCam2 on my PC but for some reason I can’t capture any sound and the .avi file playback appears as if running at twice the speed no matter if I change the capture fps. Weird, but until I can fix that, I’ve found this gameplay video on Youtube…although, I think the afterglow was set to max here and so you’ll miss some of the detail.

Defend your web at all cost!

If you like this, I highly recommend checking out Sokurah other vector remakes including everyones favourites  Omega Race, Rip Off, Star Castle, Space Fury & Zector.




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