Dosbox frontend D-Box

After the fun with original DOS version of Quake last weekend, I went on to look at another bunch of classics DOS games that I haven’t played in ages courtesy of game sites like and Good Old Games as well as my own small collection of original classics

I’m starting to build up a nice little collection of old DOS game now and am running them on my PC under emulation via DOSbox which is simply superb for getting older games to launch on todays modern PC’s. However, although I’m more that happy to launch each game from within the emulator by old fashioned by command line, some sort of simple graphical front-end would be nice for that quick gaming fix.
A quick search online shows that there’s a quite few of them out there and the one I keep returning to is the D-Box.


At first I had a problem actually adding any games because, although the ‘add game’ button brought up an options menu where one would assume that you could browse and point D-Box to the DOS game .exe file, I couldn’t actually exit this menu unless I closed the entire program down via Windows task manager.

However, I really should have read the D-Box instructions first as all you have to do is open the front-end, and simply drag and drop your game.exe into the D-Box window. After that you can then right click on the game icon and make any config changes.

Lurking around in the game preferences unveils a whole host of options including the ability to enter meta data for each game such as genre, year, publisher details as well as any advanced DOSBox command line options you wish to use.

A feature I really love is the ease in which you can create a custom icon for each game that you have installed by using an in-game screenshot. Just run a game, capture a screenshot in DOSbox (Press CTRL+5), exit the game and right click on the game name in D-Box. Select ‘View Screenshot Space’ then ‘Use Screenshot As Application Icon’ to add your custom screenshot.


With the game icons set to large, D-Box really starts to look cool! Simply click a screenshot to auto load the game. Here’s my current setup. Which one to play next?


Hehe, old school floppy disk cover flow mode!


2 responses to “Dosbox frontend D-Box

  1. Hey there, yeah it’s a pretty descent frontend. I wouldn’t go say it was like Mame32 though as you have to do a little bit of configuration per game rather than simply scanning a Rom folder.

    Hope you have fun with those old DOS games.


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