Scud the disposable assassin – Sega Saturn

Since picking up a Sega Saturn console a few weeks back I’ve been adding a few games here and there to my slowly growing collection and have also added a few to my wanted list. This game in particular is on my radar although I suspect I might have a problem if it’s ntsc only?


Scud the Disposable Assassin the game is based on the truely hilarous, yet short lived indie comic series for which i’m a avid fan. I own all issues of the first print including the spin off series – La Cosa Nostroid. Great reading and must get them back out again soon.


If you haven’t read Scud before and comics are your thing, I highly recommend tracking down this particular series down if you can – or certainly the more commonly available trade paperback collections.

Scud is an assassin droid, a series of robots that can be purchased from a vending machine to perform a hit and then self distruct on completion. Quick, clean and no mess.

One such Scud unit is activated to track down and terminate a mutant monster which seems to be causing a few problem in a nearby factory. However, as the hunt begins, this particular Scud unit soon realises that his own ‘life’ will come to an end after completion of the mission. Not taking this too well, he cunningly formulates a plan and on finding said mutant monster he simply blows away it’s limbs rendering it harmless thus prolonging his own life. To keep the monster alive he dumps it into a stasis tank and to fund the running costs, Scud becomes a gun for hire and so our story begins.

Robots, guns, gore, classic movie quotes and a truck full of laughs, brilliant stuff indeed.

Any-ho, so back to the game and with a backstory story like that, it sounds like a good idea for a run and gun game yes? Well it certainly looks the part and it’s nice to finally see a digital representation of Scud on the screen after all these years. I’m yet to play the game myself but research shows that sadly it is a very poor one at that. Still as a fan of the source material, and if I can find it, i’d definately like to add this to my collection.

Do you own this game and what are your thoughts about it?

Hippy Hiku!



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