Scalable Vectrex Overlays

Many thanks to Computer Classics.De for the heads up on this one. He’s created some hi-res scalable Vectrex overlays which you can use as templates for printing you’re own.

Here’s the link –

I’ve had limited success with printing my own in the past and favour inkjet as opposed to laser printing as I find the colour gradients to be much better on overlays like Scramble.

These overlays i’ve printed below on transparent paper (i was practising to get the size right) are based on low res source images. I hope to try again soon using the new templates above for crystal sharp lines.


I’ve tried a few methods of whiting out the reverse side of the overlay for areas that don’t need to be transparent. I’ve tried white adhesive stickers that are cut to shape can be quite effective but settled on hand painting with water based acrylic model paint (Citadel paints from Games Workshop). With method, you can whiteout even the smallest detail – although tackling the Minestorm white grid should be challenging!

Ideally I need to find a better laminator though, and one that supports a thicker laminate pouch as mine are way too thin and prone to stretch resulting in horrible marks. Still, I’m still experimenting and we’ve got some industrial room size printers where I work and the print manager owes me a few favours šŸ™‚


These scalable overlays make for a nice Vectrex iPad wallpaper too šŸ™‚

Many thanks again Dandee!


2 responses to “Scalable Vectrex Overlays

  1. To be honest, I never tried to recreate these overlays for real, BUT I had some nice talk with Kristof Tuts, author of Vector Pilot and Vecterians, as he provided professional manufactured overlays to his games. The whole process is called silkscreening and costs quite some money. I was wondering if there would be enough people to order a full set of all overlays (off course they would have to be rebuild prior to that and this might take some time) – this might shrink the price to bareable fortune. Have no prices though but Kristof might know more… >

    Btw.: His games are really great…. Get them! šŸ˜‰

  2. Interesting and yes I’d be interested in a silkscreen set or two. I don’t own any of Krisstofs games myself but I’ve played many of them before as one member of the museum loves his homebrew Vectrex stuff and has quite the collection he brings in occasionally. VeCave is one particular title I’m trying to track down even if it’s just a Rom image.

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