PC Indie Gaming:Bagfull of Wrong.

I really getting into the indie arcade games by Rob D. Fearon just lately. They’re loud, bright, twitch-tastic old school shooters that wouldn’t go amiss in a full size arcade cabinet today.

I received these as an extra unlockable in the Deep Space Bundle (now finished) but if you missed it, you can grab these games in the  Bagfull of Wrong collection from Roberts own website for a mere 3.99 (or pay more  if you wish too…go on…he deserves it).

Death Ray Manta – Blow stuff up to earn points, avoid other stuff, rinse and repeat all played out to a cracking 80’s-esque tune. This game will leave patterns of light dancing around your eyeballs long after you’ve stopped playing it! A real gem and great fun indeed. Definitely one of those  ‘one-more-go’ kinda games.


Squid Yes, not so Octopus – Superb game title only knocked of the spot by one of Rob’s other game – War Twat (surely the best video game title ever?).

So what do you have to do in this game then?…. Well, blow stuff up, earn points and avoid stuff 🙂  Again  single stick pure arcade heaven and with a background track  that sounds flipping awesome-ness. It’s like  being transported back to a busy arcade hall of the 1980’s.   I especially like the option to toggle on the arcade background complete with phosphor pixel blur.


Fishfishbangbang –  Inspired by Bedlam on the MB Vectrex, this game see you standing alone spinning  360 degrees repelling advancing enemy….here they come, how long can you survive?


There’s plenty more action available in this collection and you really must take a look if you long for the thrill of classic arcade gaming. Extra awesome-ness points awarded if you play any of these to Van Halen set to number 11.




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