Quake original and remake.

I spent a few hours this morning revisiting the almighty Quake thanks to the equally almighty DOS emulator – Dosbox . It’s still lots of fun even after all these years but unknown to me until I started browsing around the internet, all was about to get even better.

Back in the day, Quake was the definitive FPS game to play whether it be  by yourself  on the solo missions or as part of those early LAN parties one used to hold. Doom 2 was great, but Quake was top of the list for quite sometime. I remember my PC at the time could barely run the game and compared to the relative spartan textures of Doom 2, Quake actually  looked a bit of a mess with it’s profuse use brown, greens red chunks

That all changed shortly when a patch started circulating that enabled Quake players to utilise those, up until then, UN-utilised 3D graphics accelerator cards that appeared to PC stores.

I was lucky enough to own a 3DFX card and boy did that GL patch really transform Quake into a thing of beauty and jack up the frame rate to silky smooth level.

3D support for DOSbox is available at present and so it’s back to the brown pixel-fest.

End of mission one boss….that big red pixel thing.

So….as I mentioned above, I was having a surf around and happen to come across a Quake remake. Everything is here just as it should be but with upgraded graphics and it runs perfectly well on Win XP/Win 7 etc.

You can download a a copy of the remake here –


You can even import classic Quake mods and maps. Remember Quake Chess and Quake Rally?]

Further exploration shows that they’re even further modification including upgraded HD textures, models and FX. The original plays well, but this remake not only plays well, but it looks awful nice.

Original DOS version

Quake Remake


…and after a few mods

Red looks awful scary now.

Got me a new gun…you like?


2 responses to “Quake original and remake.

  1. kinda late to the party i know, but, have you had trouble opening the console? in the original quake you’d press ~ to bring it up, but on this one that’s not the case. not on mine at least. let me know if you have a solution and thanks!

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