PC Indie Gaming : Syder Arcade

‘Syder Arcade is a free scrolling multi directional shoot ’em up. A love letter to ’90 games for the Amiga and PC. An uncompromised old-school experience, a furious, challenging action game that will bring you back in time, when games were all about skill and perseverance… and also madly swearing at your computer.’

They’re certainly not wrong about that last bit, Syder Arcade is one tough cookie I’m still battling my way through level two.

I picked up Syder Arcade as part of the the Green Light Bundle and has been sitting on my to play pile as i slowly get through some of the other indie gaming bundles….why do they make them so good 🙂

A perfect game for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

In the graphics option, you’ll find a whole heap of filters which you can apply so that you can play the game in old school CGA, VGA and Mono mode.

There’s even filters for Commodore 64, Vic 20,ZX Spectrum, MSX, Amiga and Apple classic too.


…and without a ram pack too 🙂



ZX Spectrum mode….my eyes!

Although the Greenlight bundle is over, you can still download the playable demo or purchase the game for Mac/Windows from the developers website – http://www.studioevil.com/

Top notch stuff indeed.


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