Beneath a Steel Sky sequel announced.


After the success of a kickstarter project two fund a new Broken Sword adventure game (fantastic news in itself), developers Revolution have announced plans to develop a sequel to the classic adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky.

Originally, Revolution had stated that they’d only look into a sequel if the Broken Sword kickstarter project reached its $1M target. However, even though it fell short at $800k, they’ve have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of fans wanting a sequel, they’ve given it the green light. Very good news in deed.

I originally brought the Amiga version of Beneath a Steel Sky on the day it was released. It was on something like fifteen floppy disks and so my first thought on opening the box was, if it’s on this many disks then it must be something specially – thankfully I had an Harddrive because if not I’m sure my first thought would have been one of sympathy for my poor old Amiga floppy drive. Even with a secondary drive, thats a hellavalot of disk swapping!

I’ve still got that same big box Amiga version today but I prefer to boot up the DOS VGA ‘talkie’ version these days. In fact, it’s been a while since I’ve played Steel and as its now freeware and available on websites like Good Old Game, think I might just revisit it again. I’ve always wanted to checkout the Commodore CD32 version too.

You won’t look so badass soon 🙂



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